WOW Lighting

New Edmonton Inspiration Centre for WOW Lighting And Controls.

Innerspaces is proud to have completed this two storey commercial project on 124 Street in Edmonton. The client decided on a full DIRTT solution with DIRTT power, and imbedded technology. They loved how easy it was to incorporate all their lighting fixtures in the showroom. A bonus of DIRTT is that if they need more showroom space, the modular offices can be reworked to do that. In fact, the biggest challenge proved to be choosing the finishes. There was so much selection. Now, Wow Lighting and Controls are planning to go DIRTT again when they refresh another regional showroom. Innerspaces acted as both the furniture and DIRTT system installers for this integrated project.

Wow Lighting Office Projects Gallery #1
Industry: Office

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Year: 2018