First & Jasper


A beautiful ground-floor, timber-accented amenity and office space

First & Jasper is one of those rare spaces where we got to flex a little bit of everything from DIRTT’s suite of products—beautiful timber accents throughout the well lit space, multiple operable leaf walls, and custom pods, panels, and graphics to make it feel like the kind of space you’d want to visit and maybe even stay for good.

The space not only looks stunning, but the recycled content, more than 2,200 lbs. of diverted waste, and improved carbon sequestration throughout the construction lifecycle also mean it’s not just easy on the eyes, but on the environment too.

Our team partnered with Lori Cox for the design, and it was a pleasure showcasing some of the best of what we can do to help bring the vision for this space to life.

Industry: Office

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Year: 2023