Our Completed Showroom

We’d like to thank everyone that made it our to our completed showroom open house. Here are some photos showcasing the diverse capabilities of some of our manufacturers such as Knoll and DIRTT.
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Generation Z Infographic

What Comes After Y? Generation Z: Arriving to the Office Soon

One evening you walk into your kid’s bedroom and ask how the homework is going. In one hand she holds a smart phone on which she is managing multiple Facebook conversations. It also buzzes quietly when a text or Snapchat message comes through. She is viewing a YouTube video on her t
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Knoll at NeoCon 2014

Knoll at NeoCon 2014 The 21st century workplace poses one constant: change. At NeoCon 2014 Knoll presents r/evolution workplace™, a platform that illustrates the freedom and opportunity organizations have to reimagine the workplace by exploring four distinct interior planning approa
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The Most Important Adjustment on an Office Chair Is…

An office employee typically spends more time sitting in his office chair than he spends sleeping in his cozy bed each night. So why are we not more focused on purchasing office chairs that improve comfort, support, and productivity in the office? The simple answer is…chairs are exp
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