Knoll at NeoCon 2014


Knoll at NeoCon 2014
The 21st century workplace poses one constant: change. At NeoCon 2014 Knoll presents r/evolution workplace™, a platform that illustrates the freedom and opportunity organizations have to reimagine the workplace by exploring four distinct interior planning approaches. r/evolution workplace is the Knoll perspective on how to move the workplace forward.
The showroom will be designed around the four r/evolution workplace planning approaches —Perimeter, Core, Efficient and Adaptive — each of which addresses real estate, technology and peoples’ needs differently.
Interwoven throughout the showroom are examples of how each planning approach mixes primary workspaces with Activity Spaces: “go to” spaces accessible to everyone for everything from focused, individual work to social gatherings.
To help guide people through the r/evolution workplace showroom, Knoll will employ Bounce by Knoll, a brand new mobile app that will push information to users as they encounter Bluetooth beacons positioned throughout the showroom.


Introducing Remix™:
Tuned to Perform

Remix™ is a new collection of chairs by Formway Design, the New Zealand-based studio behind the Generation by Knoll® family of chairs.
The Remix work and high back chairs layer upholstery and a Flex Net Matrix™ technology to deliver upholstered comfort with the active, flexible support that you need for an advanced sitting experience.
The Remix family includes a work chair, a high back chair, a side chair and an activity chair.
Awarded Best of NeoCon Gold, Ergonomic Desk/Task Chairs


Shown in the Adaptive and Efficient areas of the showroom, new tables from Antenna enable and exciting new level of flexibility and adjustment in the workplace
Antenna® Telescope™ is a height adjustable table system that combines the healthful ergonomics of adjustable height work spaces with the planning efficiency of benching. Awarded Best of NeoCon Silver for Benching
Tone™ Height Adjustable Tables is a new freestanding, height-adjustable table that supports a healthier and more productive work environment. The neutral aesthetic and diversity of base and finish options are perfect for integration with any Knoll environment.
Simple Tables are a new line of tables that roll, link and adjust to help create dynamic, adaptive spaces.


Dividends Horizon™ Enhancements

Ideal for the Efficient Workplace, new Dividends Horizons® Worksurfaces and Tables help you reimagine primary workstations and Activity Spaces alike.
Faceted Worksurfaces feature an outward facing design, positioning the user toward the
aisle to support collaboration, while maintaining privacy and a spacious feel for the occupant.
Satellite Surfaces support collaboration in the workstation and technology in the conference space.
Media Table supports video conferencing with a tapered worksurface shape that angles each user inward, toward the screen.


Reff Profiles™ Enhancements

Designed and constructed to showcase wood finishes, Reff Profiles components solve for the modern private office, administrative support areas, open plan and Activity Spaces. New this year:
Open Table with 4×4 Legs evolves the familiar table to address high performance open office environments. Continuous center access supports screens and accessories; the platform offers smart power and data cabling options.
Tall Tables with 4×4 Legs extend our proven product platform, offering sizes and material possibilities to suit any collaborative environment. Use as a simple gathering table or fit with cabling options for technology support.
Service Height Credenzas with new heights and service configurations solve diverse storage needs in Community and Meeting spaces.
Media Enclave Table available in both wall mounted and freestanding configurations with an endless array of power and data cabling solutions.


Anchor™ Storage Enhancements

Rethinking how storage is used in the workplace, Anchor explores modern configurations that store shared supplies as well as personal items, while remaining conscious of a compact footprint. New this year:
28″H Floorstanding and Combination Pedestals with updated configurations provide a variety of practical low storage options for primary workspaces and Activity Spaces.
Towers offered with updated configurations provide a blend of open and enclosed spaces within a single unit.
Mobile Pedestals are a flexible personal storage solution in the Adaptive or Efficient office.
Worksurface Stackers provide above-desk storage and space division. Offered in front access with or without door and side access.


Introducing k.™ lounge

k.™ lounge is a modular soft-seating series from Knoll with 11 configurable lounge elements that bridge the gap between object-based furniture and a plannable system.
k. lounge pieces can both stand on their own for free placement in a wide range of open or enclosed Activity Spaces and be configured together in myriad ways to define work/lounge spaces within open plan workspaces.
With a contemporary aesthetic and approachable price points, k. lounge is lounge furniture for every organization–small business, corporate environments, healthcare and higher education.